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Animal Control


At Night Ops, we specialize in supplying farmers, ranchers, and land managers with the tools and services they need to effectively combat the ever growing problems that many are facing today.

Given the complexity of these problems, there’s not a one size fits all approach that will effectively work, and often times conventional solutions (passive solutions) are not practical, to costly or time consuming and quite often easily avoided. Night Ops utilizes modern state of the art equipment. We implement a boots on the ground approach (proactive approach) that can’t be avoided. Using high resolution thermal optics, custom made suppressors, and accurized semi auto rifles, we deliver precision control methods directly to the target. Night Ops is currently the most effect control method available and we can custom tailor a solution to meet your goals and budget.

Night Ops is based out of Ponce De Leon, Florida. In Florida we currently operate in Walton, Holmes, Washington, and Okaloosa counties and in Alabama we service Covington, Coffee, Geneva, Dale and Houston counties.

Feral Control


Wild hogs cause an estimated $1.5 billion in agricultural damages annually, and create unnecessary competition for our native plants and wildlife. They are considered by many to be the fastest growing, and problematic invasive specie in the US. Currently ground and arial shooting methods are the most effective means of eradication and suppression. After these lethal efforts have made, then other means of control can be implemented to some degree of effectiveness.

Deer Depredation


The white tail deer population is higher now than it’s ever been before. One study conducted in South Carolina showed that deer depredation cost local farmers over $52 million in 2002 alone. With modern timber practices, emphasis on trophy deer hunting, the encroachment of urbanization, and the foreign competition created by feral pigs these high density deer populations can sometimes get out of hand and be forced to forage on Americas crop lands which can be detrimental to a farms success. With the tools and methods that we implement we can successfully and selectively reduce the local deer herd to a healthy and sustainable size to better suit the caring capacity of the local environment, improve a healthy buck/doe ratio, and reduce browse pressure to acceptable levels.

Predator Control


The USDA estimates that predators cost american farmers and ranchers almost $100 million annually in livestock losses. However damage and stress to livestock caused by coyotes and even feral hogs, cost ranchers even more. Veterinary bills, lower rebreeding rates, & loss of weight gain are all part of the indirect cost suffered by herds that have been hunted by predators. While a healthy population of predators is needed for a healthy ecosystem, in some areas where the natural balance of prey has been offset or where the predators have learned to take the easy way out by feeding on livestock, then lethal services conducted by animal control professionals can provide some relief and offset the cost of the ranchers losses.

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Animal Control